Terms and conditions for promotional offer

    Promotional credit of 50% off on your next availment of cleaning is nontransferable and may not be sold, bartered, auctioned, traded or exchanged.

    Promotional credit of 50% off on your next availment of cleaning can only be used once.

    Offer may be revoked at any time without notice.

    Your use of the voucher and/or the promotional credit constitutes your acceptance of the applicable offer terms and conditions.

    Promotional credits will be applied on the value of goods/services sold by Merchants (inclusive of all applicable taxes).

    Promotional credits apply to new/returning customers who will give us a feedback on google via our website (screenshot of the feedback made is required) after their most recent availment of any of our services.

    Springhill Chimney reserves the right to deny honoring an offer on the grounds of suspicion or abuse of offers without providing any explanation thereof.

    In case of multiple applicable offers, Springhill Chimney will apply best applicable offer at the time of checkout.

    Springhill Chimney reserves the right to change or modify these Credit Terms at any time and in our sole discretion.

    How to Leave a Google Review?

    1. Click this Google Review link and add a review with 5 stars.
    2. After posting your review, go to this link. You'll see your review as the first item on the list, click "Review" link (see the screenshot below).
    3. On the google profile page, click the "Reviews" tab (see the screenshot below).
    4. Click on the share button (see the screenshot below).
    5. Click on "Copy Link" (see the screenshot below).
    6. Close this popup window and paste the link in the "Google Review Link" field.