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How Chimney Cleaning Can Save Your Home

May 30, 2023

Many homes utilize a chimney to remove the soot and ash from their home fireplace. Often, your furnace hooks up directly to your chimney. However, most people ignore this critical heating system component until it’s too late. Instead, you should invest in chimney cleaning yearly. Let’s explore several of the reasons why.


Dirty Chimneys Are a Fire Hazard

According to Bob Vila, the United States has more than 25,000 chimney fires yearly. This is because a creosote substance builds up in your chimney when you use the fireplace, and creosote is extremely flammable. As more of it builds up in the layers in the chimney, air cannot effectively move through it. As a result, the interior temperature of the chimney slowly increases with each use, beyond what it should be. When the creosote in the chimney gets dangerously hot, it leads to a chimney fire.


Carbon Monoxide Can Accumulate

When your chimney is blocked, it is not only a fire hazard but also a risk of a buildup of carbon monoxide. Chimneys that are not blocked provide a passageway for the toxic chemicals released from fires to allow them to exit the house. When there is a blockage or partial obstruction, those chemicals may stay in your home, slowly accumulating. Carbon monoxide is odorless, so you won’t know that it’s there until you experience symptoms. Instead of taking a chance, we recommend investing in chimney cleaning services.


Your House May Get Warmer

The fireplace is more efficient when your chimney is properly cleaned. The proper airflow results in a more efficient burn, which will keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This is because a clogged chimney blocks oxygen flow, making it more difficult for logs to burn. Just as you may experience a carbon monoxide buildup, your home may retain heat because of the blockage, too.


Chimney Inspections Can Go Smoothly

When you have a clean chimney, it’s easier for professionals to inspect it. They’ll easily be able to spot problems with your damper or anything else obvious. On the other hand, if your chimney is full of soot and creosote, it’ll be challenging for inspectors to get to these areas. When they do, they won’t be able to see them. This can result in your chimney inspector not seeing potential problems and charging you more because the job is more difficult, or leaving you in a home at risk of catching on fire.

Contact us today at Spring Hill Chimney Service for a professional chimney cleaning. It’s better to trust the professionals rather than take a chance!

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