We Own a Chimney Factory

Sheet Metal Shop

What makes our company unique is that we operate our own in-house sheet metal shop. Often times a chimney repair requires a custom made stainless steel sheet metal part. Our metal fabrication shop can custom build anything for your chimney, from chase covers to ornate chimney caps, we have you covered.

We also manufacture the flexible stainless steel chimney liners that we install. They are made from ultra high quality stainless steel. Our flexible chimney liners are made of a special stainless alloy called 316Ti. The Ti stands for Titanium. This special blend of metals is an important. We could use other lower quality stainless, but that’s not what we are about.

Quality Material

Built to Last

316Ti is a special stainless alloy known for its exceptional corrosion resistance and high-temperature performance. The “Ti” in 316Ti stands for titanium, which is a key element in this alloy’s composition. By adding titanium, it enhances the alloy’s ability to withstand exposure to aggressive environments, such as saltwater, acidic solutions, and elevated temperatures. This makes 316Ti particularly valuable in applications where corrosion resistance is critical, such as in marine equipment, chemical processing, and the medical industry. Its ability to maintain structural integrity even under extreme conditions sets 316Ti apart as a reliable and durable stainless steel alloy, making it a preferred choice for demanding industrial and scientific applications.