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20 Common Problems with Chimney Flaunching

November 24, 2023


The flaunching, or chimney crown, is a vital component that provides protection and stability to the uppermost part of your chimney. Over time, various issues can arise, compromising the integrity and effectiveness of the flaunching. In this article, we’ll explore 20 common problems associated with chimney flaunching and provide insights into addressing these challenges.

1. Cracks in Flaunching:

Problem: Cracks can develop in the flaunching, allowing water penetration and leading to structural damage.
Solution: Regularly inspect and repair cracks using weather-resistant sealants to prevent further deterioration.

2. Spalling of Flaunching:

Problem: Spalling occurs when the surface of the flaunching flakes or breaks away, exposing the underlying structure.
Solution: Address spalling promptly by repairing damaged areas and applying waterproof coatings to protect against future spalling.

3. Inadequate Slope:

Problem: An insufficient slope on the flaunching can lead to water pooling and increased vulnerability to water damage.
Solution: Ensure the flaunching has an appropriate slope to facilitate water runoff and prevent standing water.

4. Improper Material Selection:

Problem: Choosing the wrong materials for flaunching can result in premature deterioration and reduced effectiveness.
Solution: Select durable and weather-resistant materials suitable for the local climate and conditions.

5. Lack of Expansion Joints:

Problem: Without expansion joints, the flaunching may crack due to temperature-related expansion and contraction.
Solution: Integrate expansion joints to accommodate thermal movement and minimize the risk of cracking.

6. Insufficient Overhang:

Problem: Flaunching with inadequate overhang allows water to reach the chimney’s vertical surfaces, increasing the risk of water damage.
Solution: Ensure an adequate overhang to redirect water away from the chimney structure and protect against water infiltration.

7. Presence of Vegetation:

Problem: Vegetation growth on the flaunching can lead to cracks and compromise its structural integrity.
Solution: Regularly remove any vegetation and maintain a clear surface to prevent damage and deterioration.

8. Corrosion of Metal Components:

Problem: Corrosion of metal elements within the flaunching, such as reinforcing mesh or fasteners, can weaken the structure.
Solution: Use corrosion-resistant materials and inspect for any signs of corrosion, replacing affected components as needed.

9. Poor Construction Quality:

Problem: Flaunching constructed with poor workmanship may suffer from structural deficiencies and premature failure.
Solution: Ensure proper construction practices, including adequate curing time and attention to detail during installation.

10. Impact Damage:

Problem: Physical impact from falling debris or other objects can cause chips or cracks in the flaunching.
Solution: Implement protective measures, such as installing a chimney cap, to minimize the risk of impact damage.

11. Lack of Waterproofing:

Problem: Without proper waterproofing, the flaunching becomes susceptible to water absorption and damage.
Solution: Apply a waterproofing sealant to the flaunching to create a protective barrier against water penetration.

12. Use of Low-Quality Sealants:

Problem: Inferior sealants can degrade over time, compromising the water-resistant properties of the flaunching.
Solution: Choose high-quality sealants suitable for chimney applications and reapply as necessary to maintain effectiveness.

13. Excessive Chimney Leaning:

Problem: A leaning chimney can place uneven stress on the flaunching, leading to cracks or instability.
Solution: Address the underlying cause of chimney leaning and reinforce the flaunching to ensure stability.

14. Weathering and Erosion:

Problem: Exposure to harsh weather conditions can cause weathering and erosion, diminishing the protective capabilities of the flaunching.
Solution: Regularly inspect and repair weathered areas, applying protective coatings to extend the life of the flaunching.

15. Inadequate Ventilation:

Problem: Insufficient ventilation beneath the flaunching can trap moisture, contributing to deterioration.
Solution: Ensure proper ventilation to allow moisture to escape and prevent moisture-related issues.

16. Invasion of Pests:

Problem: Pests, such as birds or insects, can damage the flaunching and compromise its structural integrity.
Solution: Install preventive measures, such as wire mesh, to deter pests from nesting on or within the flaunching.

17. Discoloration and Stains:

Problem: Discoloration and stains on the flaunching can be indicators of water infiltration and potential damage.
Solution: Investigate and address the source of water entry, then clean and restore the flaunching to its original condition.

18. Freeze-Thaw Damage:

Problem: Freeze-thaw cycles can cause expansion and contraction, leading to cracks and deterioration in the flaunching.
Solution: Use freeze-resistant materials and apply appropriate sealants to protect against freeze-thaw damage.

19. Inadequate Maintenance:

Problem: Neglecting regular maintenance allows minor issues to escalate, leading to more significant problems with the flaunching.
Solution: Establish a routine maintenance schedule, inspecting and addressing any issues promptly to prolong the life of the flaunching.

20. Age-Related Wear and Tear:

Problem: As the flaunching ages, it may experience natural wear and tear, reducing its effectiveness.
Solution: Monitor the condition of the flaunching over time and plan for timely repairs or replacement as needed.


Addressing these common problems with chimney flaunching requires proactive inspection, timely repairs, and proper maintenance. By taking steps to protect and maintain the integrity of the flaunching, homeowners can ensure a functional and durable chimney system for years to come. Regular professional inspections and the use of high-quality materials are key components of a successful strategy to mitigate these common issues.

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