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15 Common Problems on Chimney Storm Collars

December 21, 2023

Your chimney storm collar plays a crucial role in preventing water from seeping into the vulnerable areas around your chimney. However, like any component, storm collars can face issues over time. Here are 15 common problems associated with chimney storm collars and how to address them:

1. Rust Formation:

Problem: Rust can develop on the storm collar, compromising its effectiveness and appearance.

Solution: Regularly inspect the storm collar for rust. If identified, clean the affected area and apply a rust-resistant coating or replace the collar if necessary.

2. Loose Fitting:

Problem: Storm collars may become loose, allowing water to penetrate the chimney flashing.

Solution: Tighten the storm collar securely around the chimney to ensure a snug fit. Consider using sealant or screws for added stability.

3. Deterioration of Material:

Problem: Over time, storm collars may degrade due to exposure to weather elements.

Solution: Inspect the material for signs of deterioration. Replace the storm collar with a new, weather-resistant one if needed.

4. Improper Installation:

Problem: Incorrect installation may lead to water infiltration and other issues.

Solution: Ensure the storm collar is installed according to manufacturer guidelines. Seek professional assistance if unsure about the installation process.

5. Cracks and Breaks:

Problem: Cracks or breaks in the storm collar can compromise its ability to prevent water entry.

Solution: Replace the damaged storm collar promptly to maintain its protective function.

6. Missing Screws:

Problem: Screws securing the storm collar may loosen or go missing over time.

Solution: Regularly check and tighten screws. Replace any missing screws with corrosion-resistant ones.

7. Inadequate Sealant:

Problem: Insufficient sealant around the storm collar can lead to leaks.

Solution: Apply a high-quality, weather-resistant sealant around the base of the storm collar to create a watertight seal.

8. UV Damage:

Problem: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause UV damage to the storm collar.

Solution: Consider using UV-resistant storm collars or apply UV protectant to minimize sun damage.

9. Wildlife Intrusion:

Problem: Birds or pests may attempt to nest in the space around the storm collar.

Solution: Install bird or pest deterrents to prevent wildlife intrusion. Regularly inspect and remove any nests.

10. Insufficient Overlap:

Problem: The storm collar may not overlap the chimney flashing adequately.

Solution: Ensure proper overlap to prevent water from bypassing the storm collar. Adjust or reinstall as needed.

11. Corrosion:

Problem: Corrosion can weaken the structure of the storm collar.

Solution: Choose corrosion-resistant materials for the storm collar, and replace it if signs of corrosion appear.

12. Incorrect Size:

Problem: Using an improperly sized storm collar may result in water leakage.

Solution: Select a storm collar that fits the chimney size precisely. Replace with the correct size if necessary.

13. Ice Dam Formation:

Problem: Ice dams can form around the storm collar, leading to water retention.

Solution: Ensure proper insulation to prevent ice dams. Regularly clear any ice buildup around the storm collar.

14. Weathering of Sealant:

Problem: Sealant around the storm collar may wear away over time.

Solution: Periodically check and reapply sealant to maintain an effective barrier against water infiltration.

15. Aging:

Problem: The natural aging process may affect the integrity of the storm collar.

Solution: Regularly inspect aging storm collars and replace them as part of routine chimney maintenance.


Addressing common problems with chimney storm collars promptly ensures the continued protection of your chimney and home. Regular inspections and timely maintenance are key to preserving the functionality of this essential component.

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