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We make super strong metal tubes to go inside chimneys. What makes us very unique is that we have a factory that makes all the stainless steel chimney liners and components that we install. Ask to see samples of our chimney liners and see why we stand above our competition when it comes to quality and price. We put in special pipes made of strong stainless steel to protect your home.

If your chimney in Elmhurst, Pennsylvania isn’t working properly, ask for help from Spring Hill Chimney Service! We can make any kind of special thing you need!

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Jon N.

Very professional, I’ll recommend Spring Hill Chimney to all my friends. I’ll have them clean my chimney every year.

Chimney Inspections, Chimney Repair & Restoration

Believe the reviews. I had a stainless steel liner installed. They were prompt and courteous in both showing up for my estimate and the job. They worked quickly and answered all my questions as the work progressed. Very professional!

Minister Beatrice
Stove & Fireplace Cleaning

These guys were professional and courteous. They installed my pellet stove without any problems and were efficient. I recommended them to a family friend.

Ellen Knecht
Chimney Cleaning

Very fast service. Called at 8am , made appointment for that day. Showed up early. Very professional and polite.

Denise Booth
Chimney Onspections, Chimney Repair & Restoration, Chimney Flue Cleaning

Have used them for 2 years now and they have always been prompt and easy to work with. No issues with prices, everything was as expected. Also had a new crown installed and was happy they caught the issue before it became a bigger problem. Highly recommend.

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Chimney Repair / Maintenance

Chimney Repair / Maintenance

Chimney Repair / Maintenance

We Own the Chimney Factory

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Searching for premium Stainless Steel Chimney Liners? Look no further! Our liners come with a quality guarantee to ensure your chimney's safety and efficiency. Plus, enjoy an exclusive 15% discount when you use the coupon "15%OFF" at checkout. Secure your savings and invest in guaranteed quality today.

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